Chef Sean Samuels

Join me on a culinary journey and celebrate life through food with family & friends.

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Leave the heavy lifting to Chef Sean. Eat healthy without sacrificing taste. Custom meals available.

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We cater specifically to each client based on their theme, budget, occasion, and vision. That personal touch is given whether it's for a dinner party of 10 people or a corporate event of 1000 people.

A Visual Taste

Chef Sean SNS is simply wonderful! First, they say what they will do and deliver on that without a doubt - they even go beyond.  Second, they are on time and come to our events well prepared to deal with anything that can unfold! Third, the food is always delicious. Lastly, they have a great team with impeccable and efficient service. Well done Sean and Team !

Sharon Nelson

I am proud to work with the Chef Sean SNS team for their professionalism and speed of execution in addition to being affordable.

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The food is nothing short of amazing. I love everything about Chef Sean SNS from the custom meals to the amazing service and presentations. Sean doesn't stop until everything is perfect for his clients. I have used him as a private chef during covid for some romantic dinners at home and he stepped up to the challenge. He is a must try!

Jessica Wilson

Dear Chef Sean,

Thank you so much for making my Christmas wish come true! I could not spend Christmas with my daughter last year as I was in the discovery phase of my kidney disease and had no immune system. I was worried that Christmas this year would have been depressing as I didn't have the space nor the energy to cook my usual spread, no turkey, no cranberry sauce, just none of what I usually put together. I was skeptical when I came across your ad on Facebook for your sorrel (no one's is like my mother's), but was pleasantly surprised to find you were also cooking a Christmas meal. To make a long story short, my daughter came and what an impressive menu! She loved the salads and raved about your turkey and macaroni pie! Let's not talk about us polishing off a litre of sorrel between us in a single sitting. The food was the typical West Indian fare but made with a health-conscious eater in mind. We were full without feeling that we consumed too much flour, oil and sugar, the complaint I usually have in regards to most people's food. The raspberry roll was a wonderful closure to the meal and since I can't eat chocolate, a delicious surprise finish. I was so happy that your service enabled us to continue our tradition of eating delicious food while talking and laughing about the past, present and future without the stress of having to clean up the kitchen!! Now that's what I'm talking about! Anyway, just a word to thank you so much for a wonderful dinner experience. The professionalism, customer service, fulfillment of special requests, prompt communication and attention to detail from start to finish was an absolute delight and made me so proud to support a black-owned business here in Montreal. When you are able, please send me your meal plan menu for 2021. I may not order until Spring/Summer but I will definitely refer you to anyone who requires catering services. Huge thanks for a stress-free Christmas experience and happy holidays to you and your family!!

Michele N'Kansah

Blessings to you Sean! We’re sitting here feeling overwhelmed with your generosity - not to mention deliciousness. To be very frank, we feel it’s too much food for what we paid and would be happy to have paid more (and still would). Absolutely fabulous food sir!! Thanks very much and please consider revising your bill.  

Lisa Peter Gabriel and Lucas

The food was amazing! Thank you for fulfilling our order on short notice.

Samantha Maldonado (FlightHub)